GreenGate Fresh

GreenGate Fresh

Fresh cut for Foodservice

As a leader in food safety, our mission with GreenGate Fresh is simple; place their amazing produce in as many restaurants, schools, and distributors as possible. Quality product and practice is what we love about GreenGate Fresh, our founding producer partner and source processor of fresh cut salad blends, lettuce, romaine, cabbage and tender-leaf items. They have locations in Salinas, CA and Yuma, AZ for year round supply that is home grown in the US.

US Grown in California & Arizona
High Level of Food Safety & Quality
Trusted Grower & Processor
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Red, Green, & Shredded Cabbage

Cauliflower & Broccoli Florets

Iceberg Chopped, Shredded, & Salad Mixes

Lettuce Blends

Romaine Chopped, Shredded, & Salad Blends

Tender Greens