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Fresh Avenue is excited to announce that chopped kale is now available from GreenGate Fresh in addition to their high-quality line of fresh cut lettuce, cabbage, tender greens, and more. 

Health and nutrition are increasingly on the minds of consumers as they look for healthy options on menus and with the foods they serve at home.  Like all dark, leafy greens, kale is nutrient dense and is a go-to when offering a superfood to customers.

“It makes sense for growers to have kale available, but with GreenGate’s focus on fresh cut items for foodservice, there’s an added advantage with 100% usable product and cost stabilization, not to mention that fresh cut is an environmentally friendly option since only usable product is shipped.”  stated Fresh Avenue’s sales director and partner, Scott Bricker. 

US grown kale from GreenGate comes from the field and within hours is cooled, washed, chopped, bagged, and ready to ship. It is the short cut to cool time that allows for a long shelf life, freshness and quality with a fresh cut produce item.  That in turn helps West Coast produce to arrive as far as the East coast with ample freshness, quality, and shelf life. 

“This is a special time in produce as consumers are looking at plant-based foods as the key to eating healthier.  The demand is increasing for fresh produce and fresh foods, but also at who is growing their foods.  GreenGate Fresh has strong agricultural roots but creates an eco-friendly option by chopping and bagging product in the growing region, keeping that 30% of unusable product from being shipped across country which saves trucking capacity and resources.”  Stated Mark Vaughan, managing partner of Fresh Avenue.

Fresh Avenue is a sales, logistics, and marketing group that has common ownership with GreenGate Fresh, part of the Barkley Ag family of business, that broadens the reach of GreenGate quality line of products into the national market.

For more information on GreenGate Fresh’s chopped kale or other fresh cut items, please visit www.freshavenue.com or contact Scott Bricker at scott.bricker@freshavenue.com.