Fresh Cut Red and Green Cabbage from GreenGate Fresh

There is nothing like the sweetness of cabbage grown out West. Maybe it is the climate that works its magic, but that sweetness only makes your slaws or stir frys that much better. GreenGate Fresh’s cut cabbage comes to you in a case of 4 -5 pound bags, or a pack size and cut that fits your foodservice needs. It is grown, washed, and shipped to you fresh from the West Coast, with the food safety and short cut to cool times we are proud of with GreenGate Fresh’s fresh cut for foodservice products.

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GreenGate Red and Green Cut Cabbage

U.S. Grown green and red cabbage cut, washed, and packed for foodservice. Available in 4 – 5 Lb, or a size that meets your needs.

Cut Cabbage is a great addition to your Asian menu!

It begins with great product and the Fresh Avenue team builds value on top of that with regional sales support, in-house logistics, and our consolidation program.