Selling Fresh Produce

Taking your product to market, the Fresh Avenue way

Our team works with you, a farmer and processor, that wants to take and / or expand the reach your product has in market. We do this by supporting you with operations, product development, sales, logistics, and marketing throughout the fresh food industries and markets.

Foodservice Market

National and regional restaurant chains, Restaurant Groups, Cafeterias, Schools

Distributor Market

National and Regional food distributors, National and Regional Produce Distributors, Produce Networks

Retail Market

Grocery, Warehouse Clubs, Green Light Label, Private Label

Over 150 Years Collective Experience

For decades our team has been working in the fresh food industry with restaurants, produce distribution and wholesale, and fresh food operations. What that means is you have access to all those years of experience when working with us.

National Coverage, Regional Support

One of the most effective ways to represent our partners is to be in the different regional markets. Our team members work and live in those markets, representing our producers all the while providing quality in-market support.

We Know How to Get Stuff Done

The one thing about our team, we know how to work hard, be highly engaged, respond quickly, which are the ingredients to making thing happen. It is the only way to help our partners succeed it in a highly competitive market.

Each of these areas focuses our expertise and support to making sure our customers get exactly what they need with your fresh items.

Fresh Cut Program

Lettuce | Salad Blends | Tender Greens | Cabbage | Broccoli | Onions

Commodity Program

Whole Produce | Specialty Items


Other produce programs that ship from our consolidation facility