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Follow the Lettuce

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How would you like stopping your operations, packing everything up, and relocating to another state?  It’s a lot o work, but to keep a year-round supply of lettuce, operations must move twice each year to where the growing conditions are ideal for leafy greens!

Fresh Cut is the Green Choice

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A big topic in the industry is food waste and sustainability. What happens and what is the impact of all the portions that are trimmed and go un-used?

Keeping Produce Cold

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The key to shelf life for your fresh cut items and leafy greens is by keeping them cold- right after harvest, in the plant, on the truck, and in your cooler!

Consolidation Keeps it Simple

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When you’re thinking about freight, the way to save time, effort, and money is by keeping things simple. Consolidation not only streamlines stops and paperwork, but that simplicity translates to longer
shelf life, better quality, and freshness!