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When you’re new to an area or have the tendency to get lost, there is nothing better than an expert guide that takes you where you need to go. When I’m traveling to the Phoenix area, I always catch a ride with David. I never worry about getting lost or going to the wrong field or not making it to where I need to be.

David Root is our Western Regional Sales Manager and is based in Phoenix, Arizona. He has lived in the area his entire life, having studying agriculture at the University of Arizona and spending his career in various aspect of the produce industry as a farm manager, fumigist specialist, and now sales manager.

What always strikes me about David is that he knows produce and he knows the Western growing regions. This knowledge provides a wealth of resources to our team and customers about the crops, area, and decades of history of the industry. That’s exactly what you need
from the person driving you around a new area that you aren’t familiar. But in the sense of sales and support, isn’t that is what you want from someone guiding you on the right product and solution?

With our sales team, our first move is to seek to understand our customer’s unique needs matching up product and solution knowing the industry like the back of their hand. All this is so they work alongside our customers to find solutions with the different opportunities related to the fresh produce supply chain. But the key with our team is that they know their market because they live and work throughout it. This provides a level of service that isn’t only based on proximity, but understanding of the market firsthand.

When I was out last with David, he was accompanying customers to see broccoli and spring mix growing in the field. This gave a great opportunity to have the customer see the product up close, in the field and plant, and have them talk to the different processors. Being in the growing region opens up the dialogue for our team to know what a customer is wanting right then and there with the product, discussing any roadblocks and how our team and the processors can remedy. With this information, we were able to go visit the customer stores to check product quality and talk to the store managers on what their needs were. That information then goes back to the buyers and it is this back-and-forth that allows are team to pinpoint exact solutions that optimize our customer’s operations.

We know that in-market presence and support brings a whole other level of support to our customers but it is only part of what we do as we layer on other services and resources that bring value throughout the supply chain. As for David, he loves what he does, he loves to serve, and you see his love of produce and the Western region. He’s certainly the person to ride along with who will get you where you are going both on the road and with your produce.

Join our team on a customer and plant tour, one of many aspects of in-market support!