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Making Produce Easy for Foodservice

Whether you are a foodservice buyer or distributor, Fresh Avenue will connect you directly to excellent fresh produce growers and processors.  We work with growers that have the flexibility to meet your specific needs, personal enough to fulfill lower volumes, and large enough to supply distributors and restaurant chains at a national level. 

Strategy + Support

We Know Foodservice

For years our team has been working to help foodservice buyers and produce distributors find great solutions to some of the common problems that exist with fresh produce. Our goal is to ensure our customer’s business thrives in a competitive industry.

It’s All About Customer Support

Every member of our team works together to support our customers, oftentimes having the experts with growing and harvest, processing facilities, and food safety answer questions. Our team works together to make sure our customer’s expectations are exceeded.

In-Market Support = Success

Having a representative in each region provides a personalized and responsive level of support to our customers. They live and work in the markets, quick to provide one-on-one support, and we’ve found that is the best way to ensure in-market success.

Who & Where You Source

There are two areas with sourcing that can help your business grow and thrive: what type of product you source and who you source it from.

We understand the challenges that come with planning menus, working with budgets, and delivering a consistent product to customers. That is why we blend fresh cut and commodity items, working with growers that will match the case pack and spec you need, and then work with distributors across the US to get it to your kitchen.

Fresh Cut – Lettuce, Salad Blends, Tender Greens, Cabbage & Broccoli from GreenGate Fresh

Commodity – Whole Produce & Specialty Items from Green Light Fresh

Logistics – Delivered Programs & Consolidation

We Connect Your Idea to the Supply that Makes it Happen

R&D will come up with great ideas for your menu but it may also leave you wondering how to source all the fresh produce components and get them shipped to stores. Because of our years in the industry, we know where to find those items and where to source them. But we don’t stop at connecting you to the source, but also provide logistic services to get those fresh produce items to you quickly and easily.

Working with Everyone to Deliver Freshness

Making Your Menu Fresh

Produce is the one thing that keeps your menu vibrant, fresh, and nutritious with vegetables and fruits in growing demand from your customers! And that’s what Fresh Avenue is about, showing you exactly where to find the freshest and best in the market, so your customers keep coming back for more!

Delivering Produce with You

As a distributor, you are one of the biggest local movers of produce! We work with you in conjunction on sourcing for your customers or with your infrastructure to deliver produce to restaurants. And it doesn’t matter if fresh produce is 10% or 100% of your business, we want to work with you to deliver more great produce to more foodservice providers.