Hear firsthand from our team members about the ways they are building your business with produce! Justin is part of our consolidation team and tells a little more about what makes this program so valuable! This insight is from our Sales and Operations Manager, Justin Swissler.

When asked what makes Fresh Avenue’s Consolidation program so unique for the industry, I must start by saying that we are a true supply chain solutions company. Each time we are presented with an opportunity or problem by our customers, our default answer is “Yes, we’ll figure it out!” I have noticed that this is surprisingly unique answer in the industry, as the logistics aspect of the “how” usually is either too expensive or too complicated for most. This barrier is a critical driver in why end-users find themselves losing their competitive edge in market. Anyone can source produce – it is the costly logistical challenge of picking it up at distant shippers that drives margins into the red and making that special blend no longer worth it, no matter how desperate they are for it.

Fresh Avenue’s approach to produce consolidation solves that, so our customers can focus on the next big thing rather than worrying on how it is going to happen.

With our daily web of freight lanes covering three crossing regions (Salinas, Yuma, McAllen), we are specially positioned to easily consolidate any number of pallets, no matter the size of the order. This provides our customers the solution to sourcing produce that ordinarily would be too expensive to stop a truck for. The flexibility afforded to our customer’s supply chain allows them to become a more unique distributor in their market as they can be more responsive to the demands of their customers.

  • The Fresh Avenue consolidation program offers three immediate and tangible benefits:
  • Improved shelf life on all products
  • Cheaper contracted freight for the main haul due to the reduction of stops/miles wasted.
    On-Time Delivery becomes the norm, not a hope.

In a modern world where things can change overnight, Fresh Avenue’s Consolidation will keep your supply chain moving.


Learn more about the advantages consolidation has on simplifying many areas of your business with our free downloadable infographic!