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The Find – Move – Build Approach to Produce

When it comes to buying and selling fresh, it isn’t only about what you are buying, but who you should buy it from and how you’re going to get it from the growers to your stores.  That’s why we have a comprehensive approach to produce, one that is easy as find – move – build!

Partnering with great growers and processors along with our industry network, we have the produce to fit your every need.


  • Green Light

We support your business with a full range of logistics, warehousing, and trucks, including consolidation.


  • Consolidation
  • Managed Freight
  • Delivered Programs

We continue to build your business with services and in-market support to bring you a robust produce program.


  • Customized Programs
  • Product Development
  • In-Market Support

We aren’t just a place to buy produce, we offer product, services, and transportation that begin at source and continues into your market.  It’s a comprehensive approach to produce which gives our customers support and optimization for their produce programs that ultimately builds their business.