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Building Business with Produce

To build a successful produce program you need to consider many aspects of the supply chain: optimization, product development, in-market support, product innovation, customization, and food safety. Our team excels in creating comprehensive programs that consider the supply chain from end to end that builds and supports your business.

End to End Restaurant Solutions Including:

  • Source and develop the right product to fit exact needs (more variety and seasonality of product)
  • We work with your distributors to problem solve 
  • End to end supply chain support
  • Fully custom produce programs, we’ll find your perfect product
  • Delivered Programs / Managed Freight
  • Produce solutions that save time, labor, and freight costs
  • Menu Development and Menu R&D
  • In-Market Support

End to End Retail Solutions Including:

  • Direct relationships to grower / shippers
  • Working with over 40 different grower / shippers
  • Access to organic, specialty and seasonal items
  • Commodity offerings through our Green Light label
  • Our Green Light label allows you to fill a truck and reduce stops
  • We are the Green Light grower / shipper and can offer fully customized programs
  • Solutions that drive quality and inventory control
  • Delivered programs and managed freight
  • Solutions like consolidation that drive quality and inventory management

In-Market Support

Our team isn’t confined only to the field or logistics department; we have representatives located in various regions across the US that provide in-person support to our customers. Support begins in the field and expands into the various markets across the US, beginning before and continuing long after the close of a sale.