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Fresh Avenue is excited to be the first to introduce a new, innovative product to the foodservice market; leek sticks from Green Light. Traditionally, leeks have had the roots and leafy stalk intact requiring further trimming before preparing the leek for a recipe. With Green Light leek sticks, the unusable portions are removed at the processing facility. The advantage this brings to commercial kitchens is a significant reduction of processing time, waste, and space in storing the leek.

“Leeks have been around for centuries, but they are not the star of the show in produce like avocados, tomatoes, apples, etc. With the renaissance of food that is going on, leeks provide an incredible versatility to specialty meals that restaurants want on their menus or what foodies cook in their homes,” explained Fresh Avenue’s marketing director Amber Parrow.

“We are proud to be the first to bring leek sticks to the foodservice arena. There is a significant savings of effort, shipping and storage space along with the increased food safety that comes with a value-added item. Commercial kitchens that are purchasing traditionally prepared leeks should consider the benefits a leek stick can bring,” stated Mark Vaughan, managing partner of Fresh Avenue.

For more information on Green Light’s leek sticks or other commodity items, please contact Fresh Avenue at 1-855-630-6002 or email hello@freshavenue.com.

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