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With the ever-growing demand for quality avocado products, Fresh Avenue is excited to announce their newest offering: the GoVerden line of guacamole and avocado pulp for foodservice and retail.

GoVerden Fresh is a US-owned subsidiary of Guacamole de la Sierra, a family company of 3rd generation avocado growers. With 6,000 acres of avocado groves, they bring consistent and plentiful supply all year around. GoVerden Fresh is also the only major vertically integrated grower/processor in the region and has a new facility with ample capacity for growth.

Fresh Avenue has partnered with GoVerden Fresh to provide sales, marketing, and distribution support to this guacamole product with stand-out taste and freshness. Always in stock at our consolidation facilities, this gives you an easy way to add high quality guacamole and avocado pulp to your produce orders and delivered programs with Fresh Avenue.

“Combining GoVerden Fresh’s excellent quality product, large production capacity, and Fresh Avenue’s distribution capabilities, our customers can expect a great tasting product, reliable supply, and efficient delivery. Additionally, with our shipping facilities located in the major produce regions, this product can be added to any fresh produce order through consolidation” stated Mark Vaughan, Managing Partner of Fresh Avenue.

“Distribution of fresh guacamole is and has been the most difficult part of getting product to the users. With this partnership, we have created the perfect delivery system for all fresh produce users in the nation to enjoy our market leading quality and consistency. Being able to stock all of our refrigerated product in Fresh Avenues forwarding warehouses and using their consolidation routes, will be a game changer.” said Rick Joyal, VP of Sales for GoVerden.

For more information on GoVerden Fresh’s guacamole and avocado pulp, please visit www.freshavenue.com or contact Scott Bricker at scott.bricker@freshavenue.com.