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GreenGate Fresh

Fresh Cut Produce for Foodservice

GreenGate Fresh

GreenGate offers a full line of leafy greens, tender greens, broccoli, cabbage, and other produce items that are fresh cut and ready to use by the foodservice industry. With restaurants facing labor, shipping, and time constraints, produce that is washed and cut to spec at source is a great solution. Additionally, GreenGate focuses on foodservice so that crops are dedicated to customers and not prioritized to the commodity market.

The GreenGate Fresh Advantage

  • US Grown Product
  • 100 Year Farming Heritage
  • Supply is Dedicated to Foodservice
  • Trusted Grower & Processor

The Fresh Cut Advantage

  • 100% Usable Product
  • Less Environmental Impact In trucking and Storage
  • Consistent Product
  • Cost Stabilization
  • Reduced Labor Back of House

The Fresh Avenue Advantage

  • In-Market Support of GreenGate Products
  • Add-On Green Light Fresh Items
  • Other Customized Procurement
  • Delivered Programs
  • Consolidation (Salinas, Yuma, & McAllen)

GreenGate Fresh

U.S. Grown lettuce, leafy greens, tender greens, cabbage, and more– cut, washed, and packed for foodservice.