The Fresh Road

Since 2016, our team has been working alongside buyers in foodservice and food distribution to make produce flexible and easy by working directly with growers shippers and finding solutions with procurement, freight, support, development, and marketing. Our approach is a fully customized plan so that buyers get exactly what they need and want while saving time, money and growing their business through great produce.

Simplify your business with Consolidation

Having your fresh items in one place, managed by a responsive team puts trucks on the road faster and that means better quality and freshness.

With Green Light, You’ll Always Go for Fresh

With decades working in agriculture, we select and grow the best produce, deliver it with freight and consolidation services, and then help you share with your customers the story of the farming families that bring quality produce to dinner tables across the nation.

Go to the fields and processing center to see GreenGate Fresh’s dedication to a fresh, quality product.

Free Downloads about the Produce Industry!

One of our driving beliefs that with the right people and strategies, a produce program is easy and will make your business more successful. We’ve put together some in-depth resources from whitepapers, infographics, articles, and video that show and explain the why’s and proven methods to building a produce plan that makes your business thrive!

Supporting Foodservice with Produce

Our team has worked to provide produce solutions in foodservice with direct purchase from growers / processors, delivery, in-market support, and menu development. GreenGate Fresh grows and processes its fresh cut line exclusively for foodservice so that supply is never diverted.

Are you a grower / processor?

Learn how Fresh Avenue partners with you to take your fresh produce to market.


Learn more about the Fresh Avenue team and the knowledge, skill, and insight they bring to Fresh Avenue’s partners, customers, and the produce industry.